Working together through separation

As we the world emerges from lockdown, it is a very sad reality that not all marriages and relationships will have survived.

Some families may have enjoyed the “strange new reality” of all being together all day everyday. We are sure you will have seen it on social media accounts; family Yoga in the garden at 6am. Or maybe baking croissants for breakfast before the children start their school work (without needing to be reminded 20 times), or being told by said children that they prefer going to school than having you as a teacher.

But unfortunately for many, the forced confinement, lack of support with added financial pressures and the general stress of it all will have been the final straw. Rightmove has already recorded a huge spike in enquiries about rental properties and their report points the finger to a large extent at family break-up following the Covid-19 lockdown.

We have already seen an increase in media postings from family lawyers about a likely increase in divorce enquiries and that is unfortunately going to be the case. However, because a divorce is happening does not mean that there is a ‘one way fits all’ approach to a divorce.


At Parrott & Coales, our family law team are members of Resolution (, which supports an amicable approach to separation and we have trained solicitors who approach family and divorce law in a different way.

Where appropriate, we can hold roundtable meetings rather than formal letters passing backwards and forwards and each party states right at the beginning of the meetings what their individual priorities are in a divorce. This can help focus minds when blips happen in meetings and there are disagreements, we use the anchor statements to remind everyone what was important to them at the beginning.

We work alongside you to see what the best approach to a divorce will be for your circumstances. This is especially important if you have young children; where you will be keen to ensure that their needs are prioritised and hopefully you and your former partner can still work together as parents long after your divorce. For many the goal is to remain civil, if for no other reason than sitting together at the Christmas Pantomime without their children worrying!

At Parrott & Coales we can offer initial advice on a fixed fee basis. If you would like more information about our approach please email or call us on 01296 318 500.