Charities and Not-for-profit

For many years the firm has acted as clerk to the trustees of two substantial Aylesbury charities. The Thomas Hickman’s Charity (Hickman’s) and The William Harding’s Charity (Harding’s).

Thomas Hickman’s Charity Almshouses

The Thomas Hickman Charity works to support the people of Aylesbury, and more specifically aims to benefit almspeople or people in a similar state of need. The Charity was Aylesbury’s first and only Independent Privately-Endowed Charity. The Thomas Hickman’s Charity provides almshouse accommodation for elderly people who are in financial need in Aylesbury. The Charity also provides hardship grants, known as Relief in Need, for any resident of Aylesbury who is experiencing hardship. In addition, the Charity will provide financial assistance to other charities or organisations who provide for the needs of specific groups of Aylesbury residents.

William Harding's Charity

The William Harding charity was founded by William Harding, a yeoman farmer, who lived in Walton in 1772. This Charity was established to buy coats for poor men and women of Walton and to place children of the poor of Aylesbury and Walton as apprentices.